Book Review: The Unexpected Everything

One thing I planned on doing when I created this blog was publishing book reviews. I have been a bookworm basically since I was old enough to understand what books were. Books and reading hold such a special place in my heart, and when I find a book that I love, I always try to push it onto my friends so that we can discuss it. I love giving and getting recommendations for new reads, so that’s why I wanted to add this aspect to my blog. My favorite genre is Contemporary Young Adult but I will throw the occasional fantasy or nonfiction into the mix. So, here it is, my first book review! Hope you enjoy!

DSC_0224 (2)

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First Trip Back to Disney!

On Sunday, I met my best friend Jordan at the Ticket & Transportation Center for a day at the Magic Kingdom. My annual pass expired back at the beginning of January, and this was my first trip back with a renewed pass. After not being at Disney for more than a month, I was in serious need of some magic, and I was so excited to be back. Since it was President’s Day weekend, the TTC was pretty crowded, so we hopped on the Resort Monorail and were on our way!

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Welcome friends! I’m Danielle – a small town girl, born and raised in South Florida. I am a self proclaimed Disney Freak, Professional Fangirl, Bibliophile, Television Junkie, and I’d like to think of myself as an honorary Gilmore Girl. I am a two time alumni of the Disney College Program, but as of now, I’m just trying to find my place in this world. Now that we got the boring stuff out of the way, lets move on to the reason you’re here.

I think we can all agree that being a grown up sucks. To escape my troubles of the real world, I find myself getting lost in worlds of fiction and fantasy. Whether it be between the pages of a book, through the small screen, or countless adventures in magical places, I want to document how these things and places lift me up (or down; you never know with books) at a time when I really need a little happiness in my life. So please, join me on this journey while I review books, write about my favorite television shows, recap the never ending amount of trips I make to Walt Disney World, and any other thing that adds a little sunshine to my life.

The name “Danielle In The Hollow,” comes from an episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory says, “We’re low-tech here in the Hollow, but we do have payphones.” I’m not sure why, but it just stuck. The idea for this blog came about right before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered. I was writing in my journal about how excited I was, and how much the original show meant to me, and the idea to publish that journal entry popped into my head, and here we are.

So come on in and take a look around. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I did having them!

Happy reading!