Book Review: Windfall


Prepare for an overload of warm and fuzzy feelings!

“Alice doesn’t believe in luck – at least, not the good kind. Still, she buys Teddy, the boy she secretly loves, a lottery ticket on his eighteenth birthday. He wins – big.

At first, it seems like a dream come true, especially since the two best friends are no strangers to misfortune. Through everything, Teddy and Alice have leaned on each other. But now, as they negotiate the ripple effects of Teddy’s newfound wealth, a gulf opens between them. And soon, the money starts to feel like more of a curse than a windfall.

Alice may not believe in luck, but she does believe in love. If only she can find the place where the two intersect for her and Teddy…”

This was a super cute and easy read! Windfall follows the story of Alice and Teddy, two best friends who have had their share of bad luck. Everything changes when Alice buys Teddy a winning lottery tickets. Alice wants nothing to do the money, and Teddy falls victim to the rick lifestyle. With people from his past trying to come back into his life, Alice does her best to keep her best friend, and the boy she secretly loves, from getting too cocky advantage from.

There were so many themes going on in this story, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Love, loss, and friendship, just to name a few. Kindness and being nice to others also play a big role in this story, and that might have been my favorite part.

Windfall started out as a story about love and luck, and ended as a story about being kind to people and making dreams come true, and I loved it! As I was reading this book, I was thinking about giving it a rating of 3.5, but the end was so cute and heartwarming that I had to bump it up.

If you’re looking for a cute, quick read that will give you all the fuzzy feelings, pick this one up!

Rating: 4/5

Fun Fact! My ultimate queen and woman crush, Lauren Graham, just secured the rights to adapt Windfall into a movie! If shes involved, you better believe I’ll be all over that.


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