First Trip Back to Disney!

On Sunday, I met my best friend Jordan at the Ticket & Transportation Center for a day at the Magic Kingdom. My annual pass expired back at the beginning of January, and this was my first trip back with a renewed pass. After not being at Disney for more than a month, I was in serious need of some magic, and I was so excited to be back. Since it was President’s Day weekend, the TTC was pretty crowded, so we hopped on the Resort Monorail and were on our way!

A couple months ago, Disney added a special entrance for Passholders. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about it, that the line can get longer than the regular entrances, but for the few times I’ve used it, it’s always been the shortest line. I assume it gets pretty crowded at rope drop, but I’m usually there at least 1-2 hours after opening.



We had a FastPass for Pirates of the Caribbean, so we headed there first. Pirates is Jordan’s favorite, so we always ride it when we’re there. After riding, we had some time before our next FastPass, so we made a stop at one of our favorites, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. The PeopleMover is one of our old reliables, it’s the perfect ride when you need to get off your feet and relax for a little while. It usually doesn’t have a line, but when it does, it moves quickly.


After the PeopleMover, it was time for our FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. So, we headed over to Frontierland and hopped aboard the wildest ride in the wilderness! Out of all the Mountains in Walt Disney World, Thunder is by far, my favorite. After we got off the ride, it was time for lunch.


We made our way back to Main Street, and stopped at Casey’s Corner for corn dog nuggets! This is now my go-to meal whenever I’m at Magic Kingdom. It used to be the chicken sandwich at Cosmic Ray’s, but they changed the recipe a while back, and I was not a fan. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the corn dog nugget meal; about ten nuggets with a generous side of french fries, all for $7.99. After we refueled with a big lunch on the hub grass, it was time to head back into the crowds and move on to our next destination.


We had a FastPass for The Haunted Mansion, but as soon as we got in the line, the ride went down for technical difficulties. Usually when you have a FastPass and the ride breaks down, Disney will send you an email saying that you can use your FastPass for any other ride. We decided to wait to see if we would get the email, so we visited Mickey’s PhilharMagic instead. It’s another one of my favorites (surprise, surprise, I have a lot of favorites). This attraction brings me so much joy, and I’m always down to visit it! When we got out of Philhar, I saw that I got the email saying we could use our FastPass on a new ride, and we figured Space Mountain would be a good alternative.



After Space, we walked past the Princess Fairytale Hall and saw that the wait to meet Cinderella and Elena was only 15 minutes. Since neither of us had ever met Elena, we decided to hop in line. Somehow, that 15 minute wait turned into an hour and 15 minutes. Personally, I haven’t experienced this situation many times, but it is frustrating when it does happen. When we got near the front of the line, many of the guests ahead and behind us were complaining and being rude to the Cast Members about the inaccurate wait time. THIS IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES. I understand being frustrated. I was frustrated and tired from standing for so long, but I would never be rude or yell at a Cast Member. The last thing they need is you yelling in their face, causing a scene. It’s completely fine if you have an issue that you need to discuss with a manager, that is how they improve, but just try to stay calm. Remember that they are people too, and they sacrifice a lot so that your family can have a nice vacation.



img_9830Since we were tired from standing for so long, we figured this was the perfect time to make a stop at a classic attraction for our rest, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Let’s have a prayer circle right now and pray that they never take this away. Going on the Carousel of Progress is one of my earliest Disney memories, and I think I would die if I never got to hear that “Tomorrow is just a dream away.”

While Carousel of Progress is another favorite, it tends to make me sleepy, especially if I ride it towards the end of day. So, Jordan and I decided that we needed some serious sugar if we were going to make it watch Wishes! We figured that ice cream would be our best bet, and headed to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for some of their giant cookie sandwiches! I recommend that you eat this as fast as possible, without stopping for a break. I made the mistake of pausing for a minute, and I hit the food wall hard. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat the whole thing, but the parts I did eat were delicious.


All week, I had seen pictures of people with the lantern from Tangled, and I was dying to get one too! Tangled is my favorite princess movie, and the lantern scene GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS. We walked by the Tangled restrooms around 7 pm, but PhotoPass wasn’t there with the lantern. I heard that this was only a limited time opportunity, so I just figured that they weren’t doing it anymore. Walking through Fantasyland, we decided to hop on the carousel since it had a short wait, and we were trying to kill time before we had to get a spot for fireworks. During our first few years of college, Jordan and I would go on what we called, our Beastmode Disney Trips. We would meet at Disney for a few days to hang out, since we didn’t go to school near each other and didn’t get to see each other very often. These trips would involve no sleep and ridiculous amounts of hours spent in the parks (17 hours in Magic Kingdom, back to the hotel to sleep for 4 hours, and then to another park for 10 hours). I have very fond memories of us, delirious after no sleep, going on the Carousel at 2 am and singing A Whole New World at the top of our lungs to try to stay awake. We were sleepy getting in line for the carousel, but after a quick ride of us singing along to the Be Our Guest instrumental that was playing, we were good as new!

After recharging on the carousel, we walked over to Bonjour Village Gifts to see if they had any new merchandise for the Beauty and the Beast movie that’s coming out in March. Beauty and the Beast is Jordan’s favorite, so we always stop in that store to see what else she can buy to add to her collection. She ended up getting one of the super cute journals that look like the original VHS tapes. I’m in love with this piece of art I spotted in the store!


I wanted to check one last time by the Tangled bathrooms to see if the PhotoPass CMs were out with the lantern…and they were! YAY! I was so happy that I got to take a lantern picture, and I really wish Disney would offer more small opportunities like this. It’s the little things in life.


We made our way back to Main Street to get ready for fireworks. I am so unbelievably heartbroken that Disney is taking Wishes away. It holds so many special memories for me and I am in deep denial that it is leaving. I’m not looking forward to the new show. Disney has taken away things I love and replaced them with shows that, in my opinion, are a major downgrade (but more on that in a later post). So, we settled in for one of our final viewings of Wishes, and tried our hardest not to cry. Spoiler alert: we did not succeed.





Although leaving the park took forever, and almost an hour to get back to our cars, it was still a great day. I love when I get to have Disney days with Jordan, we’ve been best friends since high school and don’t get to see each other very often. But that just makes the time we do get to spend together even more special.


Thanks for reading! See ya real soon!



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